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"Top performing organizations are realizing that the key to maximizing their competitive position in the market requires paying attention not only to the needs and satisfaction of their employees, but also to the organizational culture as a whole."

How are things at the office? Are there days when you feel like Captain Bly, trying to stave off a mutiny? Is reading month-end reports a dreaded experience? Do employees grumble about management—and each other? Noticed a few stress clouds hanging over the water cooler?

In his new book, Make Your Workplace Great: The 7 Keys to an Emotionally Intelligent Organization, author Steven J. Stein provides strategies backed by solid cutting-edge research that are actionable and will help you transform your workplace into a happy, healthy, and productive one. Managers at any level, in any size of organization, will find contemporary examples, surprising statistics, and real-world solutions to help bring about sustainable change.

Stein says that there are seven keys that will energize employees, make them feel a sense of pride in their work, and drive performance. Organizations need to demonstrate strong and visionary leadership through intelligent management and investing in employees so they know they are being treated with respect and are proud of their purpose and role in contributing to superior performance for a company that cares.

The work-world is global and highly competitive. If you want to hire top people and retain them, take your business to another level, and instill a sense of integrity and community-building as an integral part of your culture, Make Your Workplace Great is your key—not only to enriching the workday experience, but ultimately improving your bottom line.




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